Release notes


New Features

  • WMSBrowser: indicates if a layer is compatible with the map and is queryable.
  • Menu: Add a menu plugin
  • Query: Merge the interrogation tools, point and box (CTRL drag) interrogation without activating a tool. Query the layers added by the WMSBrowser.
  • Mobile: Better redirection to the mobile application for tablet.
  • Print: Add ability to put it on the top right corner.
  • Redligning: Add ability to resize and to move the rectangles and circles, new attributes.
  • Mobile: Add x, y and zoom in the URL.
  • Mobile: Authentication to mobile application.
  • Redligning: Add support of the drawn objects to the permalink.

Bugfixs and other

  • Mobile: Remove delta (issue with some devices).
  • Mobile: Howto to create a second application.
  • Get the toolbar mouse coordinate plugin.
  • ScaleChoser: Add ability to round the scales.
  • FullTextSearch: Add ability to configure the limits.
  • GoogleEarth: Add KML layers in the GoogleEarth plugin.
  • ScaleLine: Use geodesic measure.

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